inspiration [bosses who brunch follow up]

I love the power of inspiration – the force it exudes and the drive it creates. I equate this feeling to the rush of emotion I experience when I arrive in a new place. When Peter and I took a leap of faith and left home to teach abroad in 2010 (keep your eyes peeled, details of our adventures to come), my love for travel & new cultures flourished. Experiencing new places, people and cuisine is so magical and is a continuous source of inspiration (I am already longing for my next trip). The interesting thing is, you don’t necessarily have to travel across the world to find these feelings. They can also be found right here at home.  On Sunday, I had the pleasure of dining at the wonderful East Coast Bistro for the Bosses Who Brunch event. We not only ate amazing food prepared by the lovely co-chef/owner, Kimberley Steele, but heard from her and 4 other driven and passionate speakers residing in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Dominique, the spitfire behind the event and owner of In Pursuit, brought everyone together because she is “fearless in the pursuit of what sets [her] soul on fire”. She wanted to see what would happen if she put out an invitation for members of our community to come together and hear from some amazing people. The result? A very successful sold out event! How fantastic is that?

Kimberley’s delightful spread filled us up, and hearing about her journey of taking chances and jumping in, was so motivational. She went after her dream, and her restaurant is thriving. Kimberley’s passion for what she does is so striking! It also really stuck with me when Patricia Gallagher said “If it’s for you, it won’t go past you”. It reminded me not to be consumed with “the form” that something will take, but to be open to all possibilities.

Judith Mackin, creative director and founder of Tuck Studio & Tuck Interiors, added a fiery punch! Her zest for life, alongside her love for our beautiful city, shone through. She said “Bottom line, we are all in this together. Be a citizen, your ego is not your friend and fuck mediocrity.” I would have to agree and loved her closing – “just be authentic”.

It took me almost 30 years to truly accept myself and BE myself, without fear of judgement, fear of failure or fear of not doing what I think others believe I should be doing. At this point in my life I choose to be around amazing people who make me feel good and inspire me to be who I am. I choose love over fear.