have a great weekend

(photo credit: Nienke Izurieta)


Happy weekend! Anything exciting on the go?

Tonight you won’t find me at Trinity Galleries, like last Friday evening, where I was enamoured with the photography of Peter Cunningham. The work in his new book (preview available here) is beautifully raw & real. Instead, I will be slurping pasta at Italian by Night, celebrating the birth of one of the best girls I know. It really is crazy to think that we have been friends since the days of  collecting marbles and skipping lunch time choir practices to play tag on the playground. I am so grateful for her friendship!

On Saturday morning, Peter and I are having a garage sale! Exciting, I know… It’s all set up and happening rain or shine (spread the word!). I’m on a HUGE declutter kick, so goodbye to every little extra thing or anything that does not bring me joy.


A few thoughts to take you into the weekend:


Last weekend, I had the honour of having some photos taken by the talented Nienke Izurieta, whose photography I admire! Pictured above is a sneak peek from the shoot! Fingers crossed that Nienke will be doing a summer photography workshop. It is so comfortable to be around her calm energy, bright smile and warm presence. I have a feeling she would be an incredible teacher and I would love to learn from her.


Morning mindfulness doesn’t have to add time to your day or require getting up any earlier. Perfect moments to be present and aware of your breath already exist within your morning routine. Check it out – How to Be Mindful While Taking a Shower.


Need a new look for a for your cellphone? Loving my phone case from the Canadian company KaseMe. Sleek designs and some sourced from local artists, too!


I came across a photo of a loaf of mouthwatering sourdough bread recently that led me to Sarah Owens – Autodidactic Baker. She is a New York City based cookbook author, baker, gardener, and instructor.  Her workshops and events may be miles away, but I can’t stop drooling over these handmade artisanal breads! Check out the insane beauty of her creations!


I hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy every moment. xx