a walk down memory lane [teaching abroad]

(Beijing, China)

(Beijing street food – sweet potato on the go)

On a whim, Peter and I moved across the world together within the first year of our relationship. It was a very exciting time in our lives. We felt alive and invincible, without a care in the world! We were in love and the world was at our fingertips!

We arrived in a Beijing, China, in September 2010 and confusingly found our way around the busy streets and crowded markets. The cultural differences were intense and the jet leg was real! We ventured to Beijing to teach at the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB), where we had classes filled with students from around the world. It was here where Peter fell in love with teaching and I started falling out of love with it. I returned home to a job that I quickly quit, and felt very confused. I longed for my high tech classroom of eager, academic driven students at CISB. It was a long couple of years figuring things out, but Peter completed his BEd. and I eventually returned to teaching (and I am so glad I did).

(Chaoyang Park, Beijing)

In the short ten months that we were in Beijing, we took advantage of our vacation time and traveled whenever we could, visiting many beautiful destinations. We spent Christmas on the sprawling white sandy beaches of Boracay, Philippines, time with our friends in Seoul, South Korea and a long weekend in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Not to mention many day trips and weekend adventures to the numerous historical sites within China; the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the gorgeous traditional hutong neighbourhoods, hole in the wall dumpling restaurants and, of course, the incredible Great Wall of China.

(arriving in the Philippines)

(the beach in Boracay was insane, with miles of white sand and aqua water)

(the sunsets never got old)

(two kids in love, in Boracay, Philippines)

(National Museum of Korea)

(busy streets of Seoul, South Korea)

(alleys of Hong Kong)

(city view of Hong Kong)

(hutongs in Beijing, China)

(Summer Palace)

(Forbidden City)

(our favourite dumpling restaurant)



(Houhai, Beijing)

(the Great Wall of China)

The pollution in Beijing was quite debilitating at times and looking back I think I may have romanticized the memory of our time there (I was in fact quite homesick). Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the adventure, but I really missed the clean air of New Brunswick!

Despite this, as lovers of travel, I have a feeling that you will someday see Peter and I take another leap of faith and head off to teach abroad somewhere when the timing is right! However, we will always return to Saint John, New Brunswick,  the beautiful city we call home!

Have you worked or lived abroad? Any suggestions of places to go?

Enjoy this beautiful evening and be sure not to take our clear skies and fresh air for granted! xx