orange blossom sesame cake [my new roots]

This orange blossom sesame cake, from the beautiful Sarah Britton of My New Roots, not only looks pretty, but is easy to make and tastes damn good too! Possibly because I didn’t use light spelt flour, or maybe due to the tahini not being super soft, my cake batter was quite thick and bread-like. I had to really work to spread it out before baking. Regardless, when it came out of the oven, the fresh citrus aroma filled the kitchen and it was cooked to perfection!  The sweet honey syrup drizzled on top soaked through the cake and played nicely off the combination of sesame and orange. Topped with pistachios, this cake is fresh and oh so lovely!

I can honestly say that I could plan, prepare for, set up and photograph tablescapes all day long! With a jam packed car, my little helpers and I ventured off to a lush field just in time for sunset (you will see their hand modelling talent in the upcoming photos). Yes, it is exactly as you imagine:  I set everything up, bounce around taking photos & climb ladders to get the right angles. The payoff, besides photographs that make my heart swell, is enjoying whatever delicious snack is on the table once the photos have been captured.

Used in this shoot along some MNO clay was a Sophie Conran cake stand, Ikea linens used as napkins, a large piece of linen from Fabricville as a tablecloth, a coffee press from Paderno, clear plates & mugs from the Superstore and my white EQ3 vase from Tuck filled with false spirea from my in-laws’ yard.

It was a sunset photo shoot filled with love & laughter and I enjoyed every minute of it! Have a great week! xx