lots of lobster [a laid back table setting]

Some table settings are much more laid back and ready to handle a mess – like this classic lobster dinner table setting by my lovely mother-in-law. In the maritimes many families have summer traditions that involve lobster; be it hosting an outdoor lobster boil at a beach or cottage, or eating a lobster roll roadside at a picnic table. Our lobster dinner may have not have been oceanside this year, but the lobster surely tasted of the salty sea.

If you have ever enjoyed lobster straight from its shell, you are well aware of the mayhem that ensues as everyone breaks, clips, cuts, pulls and tears at their lobster, hunting for the glorious sweet meat. You have also likely seen a table setting like this – no frills, paper napkins and covered in the latest provincial and global going ons (along with the odd strip of comics). Newsprint is the perfect tablecloth for this meal, acting as a barrier between land and sea and helping to soak up the salty mess. You all know I am a flower fanatic, but there is no room for arrangements or pretty decor when lobster is involved!

The show stopper of this meal is, of course, the lobster itself, but don’t forget the butter! Each morsel is dipped in this melted golden goodness before being devoured! Simple salads and french bread are perfect pairings for a lobster meal (or pizza if you happen to be my 6-year-old nephew)!

Please note the cutest striped lobster bibs we all sported to avoid ruining our tops, not to mention the sweet little lobster napkins. I loved everything about this cozy family meal – good food, laughter, love, birthday wishes and full bellies!

Do you have a summer tradition that involves lobster? I would love to hear about it! Happy weekend! xx