nienke izurieta [our city out loud]

Saint John is booming with creativity, and Nienke Izurieta is one of the many talented people who add to this energy of our city. Through photography and music, Nienke is very involved in the beautiful art community of Saint John.

Nienke is a wedding photographer, violinist and an extremely calm & caring person whose work is outstanding. She is extremely thoughtful about what she captures and truly tells a story through her art. If you have a wedding coming up or are in need some photos, I highly recommend recommend her! She certainly makes you feel very comfortable when you are in front of her lens. She’s a real gem!

Nienke moved to Saint John to teach for Sistema New Brunswick, bringing years of training and expertise to the sweet children of our city. She also plays the violin in two bands; Bad People and Ladd & Lasses and has a solo endeavour you can hear here. Quite the talented artist.

I was first introduced to Nienke in the spring when I shyly met with her to have some profile shots done for this blog that was in it’s early stages. I wanted a professional photo to help make my site feel real, but I clearly remember getting nervous about having my picture taken and almost cancelling the session a few days before. I am so grateful I didn’t, because not only did Nienke take some amazing photos that day, but we have grown to be great friends.

“I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a wedding photographer until I found that it satisfied my love of story-telling and I was able to form wonderful bonds with total strangers. I am thrilled when people appreciate the way I see the world and want to give me the creative freedom to portray their lives through my lens.”

-Nienke Izurieta

After meeting Nienke, I became increasingly excited about photography, and inquired to see if she would offer a workshop. She is so modest and kind that she offered to work with me on a project for my blog and to show me a few things on my camera. We met to brainstorm our little photo shoot, hit it off and now have plans to photograph all the amazing aspects of life that surface when friends and family gather over fine food. We find ourselves dreaming big and seeking to capture gezellig moments  (“a dutch adjective for convivial, cozy or nice atmosphere, but also a belonging, togetherness, or time spent with loved ones”.)

Nienke is a force of optimistic energy and we are lucky she chose Saint John to call home!

(I captured these photos of Nienke with her guidance, using her camera. I still have a lot to learn and there is much practice to be had, but she is a great teacher!)