fall routine [a love-hate relationship]

As a school teacher, the fall inevitably brings about a change in routine. The lazy days of summer fade away, and packed lunches become a necessity. This year, I don’t find myself feeling like my life is changing as much as I normally have in the past. Perhaps it could be that I am becoming a more experienced teacher, but I feel really calm and content.

People who know me well would probably describe me as a creature of routine, when in fact, I think I am just very particular. I would say I have a love-hate relationship with routine. I love having something to get up early for and there is definitely some routine parts of my life, but I am less likely to schedule something to be done or take place on a regular, recurring basis.

When I was out for a run this evening, I thought about the idea of having one evening a week that would be dedicated to cooking and taking photos for the blog, but quickly reminded myself that a commitment such as this would fly in the face of where my mindset currently is.  I want to bake or cook when I feel excited about a recipe, or arrange and photograph scenes when inspiration sets in. This is why, although I stage some of my photo shoots, I still believe them to be very authentic. There is always something that sparks them, and there is no stopping me when I get an idea in my head!

Suffice to say, this fall I have no plans to change how I eat, or set goals to do more or less of anything. I’m just going to continue being and continue to bring people together over beautiful settings and delicious food.

Below are some photos of an afternoon of baking and enjoying some yummy treats with friends, if you’d like to take a peek. Fall is so cozy and warm hearty snacks like blueberry muffins and apple-cranberry cake are a must. Happy back to school to all the amazing educators and students out there! xx