autumn air

Who doesn’t love a warm plate of nachos on a cool fall evening? Friday nights are made for snack plates, or a yummy treat like nachos! After our first week back to school with the students, we celebrated with a relaxing evening outside, enveloped in fresh autumn air.

The nachos pictured below were inspired by an incredible plate of “nacho inferno” enjoyed this past summer at Lion & Bright in Halifax, NS. They are a simpler take on nachos, but with incredible flavour and spice. We layered corn chips with thinly sliced tomato, olives and green onion, then topped them with a finely-grated blend of 4 cheeses (provolone, parmesan, asiago and fontina). The kicker is a drizzle of hot sauce to take them up a notch. We made this batch as a vegetarian nacho, but they are delicious topped with some chicken too!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here are a few things I’m loving or have stumbled upon that you might enjoy. Have a fabulous week – be kind and do what makes you smile!

I recently ordered these beautiful wide leg pants from Everlane! They are incredibly comfortable and how amazing is their mission: “Our way: Exceptional quality.Ethical factories. Transparent prices.”?

Hidden Figures is now on Netflix! Have you seen it? We cozied up and enjoyed it on Friday evening. It is a very inspiring film that is a perfect for a fall evening in!

Lovely linen! I’m dreaming of curling up in these sheets some day…

A yummy podcast for you to enjoy.

I’m in LOVE with these napkins – dark + moody + floral!

THE most beautiful Berlin studio.

I may not have babies of my own, but Gathre has created bibs and they are oh so sweet – check them out!

A few things for you to do tomorrow – love seeing Mari’s art work pop up in my Instagram feed!

*I should note too that once the nachos were out of the oven, a few pictures were snapped and they were thoroughly enjoyed while still warm!