give thanks

I am grateful for so many things; it’s hard to know exactly where to begin. Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection, gatherings with friends & family, and food aplenty, so let’s start with giving thanks for all of of that!

Those of you who have been following my creative pursuits have likely noticed that this space has evolved into more of a blank canvas for beautiful gatherings, bringing people together and showcasing the visual beauty created. Visual beauty is really important to me.  Not in a superficial way, but in how it draws me in, inspires me, and fills me with love! I truly believe in the importance of beauty in our lives. We need art and music and things that connect with our emotions and creativity, and make us smile. We need to live presently, surrounded by people who make us feel good, and doing things that bring us joy.

Two years ago, Peter and I hosted my family for Thanksgiving in our small, lovely home. I had planned to serve dinner outside on a harvest table, with a warm bonfire at our side and fresh, crisp fall air all around us. Due to the frigid temperatures that greeted us that day, the plan was altered and we crammed a second table into our living room before cozying up inside. Needless to say, the Thanksgiving meal I was dreaming of would have to wait for another day.

With an encouraging forecast on the horizon this weekend, my family and I made a quick plan for an outdoor meal on my parents’ beautiful property in Belleisle.  Outdoor Thanksgiving brunch…my heart nearly exploded.  I am always so thankful when the weather agrees on the days I have planned outdoor gatherings. Since April, literally every time an outdoor meal or adventure has been planned, the weather has cooperated – and for that I am grateful.

The day would not have been possible without help from all family members, and it was incredibly touching to see my family on board with my weirdly particular and minimalistic idea of what brunch would look like. They helped forage for white berries that decorated the table (thanks, mom!), cooked beautiful food that fit the theme (like the gorgeous hash brown my brother-in-law Greg created), offered to capture aerial shots from the rooftop amidst cleaning the chimney (Peter Morrison, is there anything you can’t do?), moved and set up a beautiful harvest table, and humoured me with all that I do.

Late in the morning, my sister Sarah grabbed my camera and settled in behind the lens, capturing the majority of the moments you will see that follow.  She has enjoyed photography for years and is extremely talented. Thank you, Sarah!

This brunch could not have been more lovely, and the mimosas went down smoothly. Happy Thanksgiving to you – I hope you are all able to take time to slow down and just be.

Sending love xx